Buy Side Advisory Service

Are you considering purchasing a new business or acquiring a similar business for revenue growth? If the business is software, IT, network or technology related, One Stop Capital can help you determine “risks vs rewards” scenarios and wade thru the complex choices so that you arrive at the best decision. We may even find that rare perfect fit for your current company structure and culture.

Maybe you already identified a tech business that works for you and you just need some help getting over the goal line. Perhaps you need additional debt or equity financing or a strategic financing partner or even a complimentary technical service or distribution company to make your business work. One Stop Capital can provide you with… a) the necessary knowledge and insight for such a decision… b) access to thousands of potential companies and funding sources, and… c) guidance to weigh the alternatives and arrive at a decision.

Buy Side Advisory


Let’s face it, managing a business while starting a buy-side transaction and coordinating the large number of parties and steps involved is both distracting and time intensive. One Stop understands this and tailors our representation to be flexible, efficient and most importantly, effective, in identifying acquisition targets. One Stop Capital focuses on the acquisition process so that you can continue with the fundamental task of running your business.


STEP 1 – CREATE THE TARGET PROFILE – We first need to list and understand your unique needs and attributes as a buyer so that we can then determine the “gap” that must be filled. This gap contains one or more of the missing complimentary elements that must be found within the ideal target company. These elements could be a set of tech service offerings, a certain financial or corporate structure, proprietary software, distribution or channel capability, geographic or sub-sector strengths, strong functional management or just about anything that creates 1+1=3 after your company is combined with the potential target.

STEP 2 – IDENTIFY POTENTIAL TARGETS – Once we determine your unique needs and desired target attributes, we list all potential targets meeting your criteria and prioritize and quantify them so that you can make informed decisions in the least amount of time. All initial contacts and inquiries are handled by us to provide you with a short, qualified list of candidates for your further consideration and in-depth analysis.

Step 3 – DUE DILIGENCE – One Stop Capital has close relations with legal and accounting professionals steeped in corporate M&A and the specific needs of the ever-changing technology sector. Not only are there financial and regulatory hurdles to consider but a wide variety of operational, client support, privacy, and many other road bumps that tech companies face in today’s world. One Stop capital has the experience to dig deeper, discover and interpret the level of compliance within a candidate company.

STEP 4 – CLOSING THE DEAL – The formation of the initial price and financial structure of the transaction and then, the submission of an LOI, are critical steps within this final step. We help support the reasoning used which can expedite this emotional laden piece of the acquisition puzzle. At this point of the process, time is always of the essence as it is important to keep revenue streams pumping and important management in place. Working in the capacity of a benevolent emissary, we help drive the deal towards a successful conclusion.


The technology industry is huge and diverse with hundreds of sub sectors * Managed IT * Data centers & Clouds * ISPs & Data networks * IOT applications * Cybersecurity * Metro wireless & Building plays * VARs & CLECS * SaaS * 5G buildouts * and hundreds of other niche tech apps * … we can help you narrow the field so you can better plan >>> progress >>> conclude your customized acquisition given the myriad of choices in today’s technology and financing sectors .

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