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Consulting Skills and Qualifications of The Onestop Capital Team

Consulting Services

Consulting services for many various needs - One Stop Capital offers consulting services and strategic plans to help build a brighter future for your company. Whether you wish to improve your overall operation, raise funding by creating a competitive edge or prepare to exit through a sale or M&A combination, our tech-industry experts consider many possible paths towards improvement. We utilize a top-down BPM approach to help all company areas including marketing, sales, support, operations, finance and other sub-functions that may be need help. Our results will provide you with multiple, quantifiable options to evaluate and implement at your convenience.

Review existing strategic plans - Our team can help your company whether you need new focused advice or are solely looking for a review of your existing strategic plans. Most business owners cannot decide when or how to take the next needed step, so we help guide you towards the right decision and at the right time to get the maximum benefits. One Stop Capital has many years of experience and knowledge within the ever-changing network and IT Industry landscape. Let us research the issues your company is facing and offer attractive solutions on a wide variety of key topics.

Remember the 80/20 rule - Well, a common mistake for business owners is to try and develop a perfect strategy. They can’t decide when or how to sell a stake in their company, refinance or raise financing in their business, or whether to invest more in sales and business development in the first place. Our experts can provide strategic options and advice to help the business owner focus on the best options and to discover new ones. Moreover, we can improve the chances of success by confirming management assumptions and alternatives. So, let us assess the health of your tech business by analyzing your company's history and current performance and guide you with impactful future alternatives.

Emergent situations need immediate attention - We also provide consulting services to clients who need strategic guidance during various situations that may be emerging. Contact us if your technology company is facing financial or operational stress or need strategic assistance to help boost your sales and marketing presence in the crowded technology marketplace. We can even help design a program converting your legacy one-off revenue streams to the monthly reoccurring revenues which is highly coveted by the investment community these days. Contact us to help identify issues that may be preventing you from maximizing your true financial potential.

Consulting for financing or M&A opportunities - Many owners also wish to know the optimum time and best method through which to sell their company or bring in new investors. This can be a grueling process without the right tools and information. Our team can help prepare you for such an exit and/or financing and/or M&A deal based on your own set of terms and conditions. We help to neutrally evaluate your company's business and identify your key selling points. Don’t go at it alone, let our experts prepare you for one of the most important events for any company.

Consulting Skills and Qualifications of The One Stop Capital Team

  • Deep experience and relationships throughout the entire technology venture capital and banking sectors as well as with the massive network technology and IT ecosystem.

  • Experts in Business Process Management (BPM) with strong ability to design and implement continual improvement and reengineering programs with any team, dept or business unit.

  • Proven experience in building and motivating large sales and marketing teams to achieve corporate objectives across multiple domestic locations and int’l work cultures.

  • Strong consultative sales skills and relationship building throughout all organizational levels. Can present and interact with C-level leadership as well as management and technical audiences.

  • Rare ability to be able to create broad policy at senior management level while also being able to help manage and implement such policy at the tactical and operational levels.

  • Proven ability to clearly define, execute and communicate the global marketing strategy, brand and position of a technology company in a crowded world-wide marketplace.

  • Deep knowledge to clearly communicate to stakeholders and drive team members towards the unit’s mission while closely aligning marketing programs to needed revenue and margin targets.

  • Extensive experience in designing and rollout of direct and indirect distribution channels and marketing with strong ability to evaluate and improve such programs over the long term.

  • Very strong integrity & values system with high professional standards and an incredibly strong work ethic to get over the goal line and win.

  • Extensive experience in creating and delivering presentations related to technology solutions, fixed & wireless networks, IoT, mobile applications & other complex technology.

  • Long history of building, financing and exiting tech companies in wired and wireless networks, telecom platforms and software, cloud-based solutions, and various TDM & IP architecture.

  • Able to develop and implement strategic AND tactical business plans relating to marketing, sales, financial and operational functions within telecom, internet, info technology sectors.

  • Strong ability to communicate well internally and build consensus amongst team members regardless of functional area or hierarchy within an technology company.

  • Excellent financial analysis experience. Ability to create and manage future budgets that closely match performance metrics to new sales and marketing programs within a tech company.

  • Skilled in Project Management and specifically with voice and data networks, WAN, LAN, NOC, Call centers and IVR’s, design, implementation and management of all related technologies.

  • Successful in designing multiple large & complex sales and operational programs relating to global IVR, carrier-grade networks & global voice and data systems.

  • Well versed in developing project business cases, user requirements & UX design as well as deep experience with ongoing project gap analysis, PM tools and industry best practices.

  • Strong expertise in Business Process Management (BPM) & 6-Sigma steps needed for mutual understanding of status-risks-issues-timeline and leading to team acceptance of program goals.

  • Hybrid “tech-non-tech” experts ease work across tech depts (IT-OPS) and non-tech depts (sales, marketing, finance) to explain strategies and build clarity in each such diverse department.

  • Very familiar with many data governance policies and procedures and the tools needed to implement and manage such policies and procedures across all stakeholder groups.

  • Deep knowledge of steps to define, justify and develop “cross-functional” metrics a as part of any complex technology and IVR program required by departmental and senior management.

  • Strong inter-personal, marketing and writing skills allows One Stop to clearly document and communicate program objectives before, during and after successful completion of project.

  • Intimate familiarity with defining “upper” process such as stakeholders, mission and milestones AND sub-steps like roles, procedures and tasks at individual levels AND able to communicate this across entire company to ensure that business needs are understood and met.

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